Shortly after Telbaan, this new bride-to-be/bridegroom together with bindayak are offered nice pancakes titled ‘gungra’ for eating

Shortly after Telbaan, this new bride-to-be/bridegroom together with bindayak are offered nice pancakes titled ‘gungra’ for eating

Up coming the fresh Mommy of the bride to be/groom escorts her/your prior to the thapa and she/he’s got to genuflect before the thapa. Brand new Mummy after that gives ‘shagun’ currency towards the bride-to-be/groom, which is anticipated to promote this lady/your best wishes.


A great havan try a routine in which flame try illuminated in a good havan kund (short gap) and you will products were created. It fire is considered extremely sacred. The fresh new priests stand near the sacred fire, chant mantras and supply ghee, a variety of clarified butter towards the fire. Other liquid products otherwise mixes also are put on flame.

Because the havan is complete, eleven priests are served meal. One another cooked and you will uncooked food is served. There are grounds and you may stories trailing per items that’s offered. In addition to the priests was bestowed a largesse called ‘dakshina’ by child/girl’s relatives. That it rite is done adopting the telbaan service later when you look at the big date. The household may have its eating since havan is more than.


It is a ceremony in which a good puja impetrating the latest blessings out-of Deity Parvati is performed because of the brides’ household members in the their property. Devi Parvati in the Rajasthani vocabulary is even labeled as Gangaur. Clothes and you will jewellery to have ily. Nevertheless they post clothes and you can jewellery to your bride-to-be.


From inside the Marwari wedding receptions, which ceremony is extremely emblematic. Men elders throughout the category of the brand new bride to be visit the home of your bridegroom with regards to priest so you’re able to invite your and you may their nearest and dearest for the relationship venue. It emblematic gesture are offered by group of the brand new bride to be into the bridegroom before this new baraat (the new groom’s relatives and buddies) sets out into the location, since the ranging from this very day, he’d end up being an important member of the brand new bride’s loved ones.

This new priest, travel and the family of the latest bride-to-be helps make the groom do puja of your own marriage invite cards. There are various other community which can be observed. In return, the family of your bridegroom do bestow a token sum of money on the panditji regarding the region of the bride-to-be and you can and serve this new traffic ingredients and products.


Before baraat leaves the place to find the new bridegroom, there are specific rituals that need to be used. This will be collectively entitled Nikasi. The new mare (ghodi), that your groom would ride is actually caparisoned and priest performs a great puja. The mother upcoming feeds her son a mixture of Moong (a form of lentil), rice, glucose and you can ghee from a small glass which have a scoop. In addition to the ghodi is given a great saree and all of the brand new ily with male children are as well as skilled sarees.

New groom’s relatives has to bring an embellished ceremonial umbrella, a sword, dos floor cushions, garlands and you can paan into the relationships location as per the Marwari traditions.

This new groom prospects a procession out of their loved ones and you will members of the family to brand new location. The baraatis have a tendency to dance and you can play or is followed closely by an excellent audio ring.


The new groom with his entourage come to the brand new area. The daddy of your bride-to-be or other people remain with garlands from the entrance to greeting the team. This new bridegroom should reach the fresh ‘toran’, and therefore somebody on the bride’s front side retains on allowed gate, having an effective neem stick. At some Marwari wedding receptions, the mother of your fiance nourishes brand new groom an effective laddoo prior to the guy disembarks away from his horse.

The caretaker of one’s bride welcomes the bridegroom by the anointing your immediately following the guy alights from their mare and also the bhabi of your bride touches the latest neck of the bridegroom that have an excellent neem stick.

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